Love the life and never mind the rest of the world


The last day of the first month of 2016

subscribed highbrow for five-minute-to-read emails for days

to ease my anxiety for hiding in beds knowing things waiting for me to do

not all of them are urgent


i don't know

i just need to complete them

i have no necessity to learn japanese

i have no necessity to take the needle

but i need them

instead, the essay which i have the deadline to complete, gives me no motivation to start

maybe it's just because that it is a task for me

i have promised myself that i finish the essay with full of my energy

but the fact laying here now, suggest that it won't be the case

i should have know this from the very begining

but i just always wait for disasters to happen is also good

but i have no tumlr account

at this time at home

i feel good

not much anxiety

though i don't know how long it would last

no-meaning life

no-meaning time

has its meaning

i'm always afraid of time to lapse without making my marker

even if i know nothing of me would really last that long

zenosyne: a sense that time past faster

i dont remember that clearly ,sense like this


keep living

you'll find a key to happiness

it just doesnt last much time

after all, find it most times in comparison

hope that some time in the future

i can just produce it easily from myself

compete with myself, conquer myself

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